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I can always find room for talented, curious, and highly motivated graduate students and postdocs

Mentoring Philosophy
While I appreciate that collaboration is the only way to answer the big questions, everyone in the lab has their own projects. These are developed through discussions over common interests, objectives, and past experiences with the goal of generating a sense of ownership. I am always happy to talk about data, and believe that the question should drive the technique rather than the other way around. Consequently, if it can’t be done in my lab, I will do what I can to find a place where it can be done. I have over 20 years of research experience focused on the neurobiology of pain. During this time, I have trained 6 masters students, and 5 doctoral students and 9 post-doctoral fellows.

Graduate students
Prospective graduate students can rotate in the lab after admission to either the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh CNUP  or the MSTP graduate programs. If you are interested in the lab before or after admission, please email me.

Postdoctoral candidates should email me with a CV and a cover letter summarizing their graduate work and describing their future interests.

All undergraduate students are welcomed to apply by e-mailing me directly.