Michael S. Gold, PhD

Professor of Neurobiology
University of Pittsburgh

email: msg22@pitt.edu

BA, UC Berkeley, 1987; PhD, UCLA, 1994; Fellow, UCSF, 1995; Fellow, UCLA 1997; Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, 1998; Associate Professor, University of Maryland, 2003; Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh, 2006; Professor, University of Pittsburgh, 2011.

Michael S. Gold, Ph.D., is a Professor of Neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Gold received his B.A. from UC Berkeley, Ph.D. from UCLA, and was postdoctoral fellow with Jon Levine at USCF.  The focus of Dr. Gold’s research is the neurobiology of pain.  He has made important contributions to injury-induced plasticity in nociceptive afferents, and their contribution to the manifestation of persistent pain. Toward this end, he has employed an array of approaches ranging from the study of isolated cells to the development of novel behavioral assays with which to assess the presence of persistent hypersensitivity, and more recently the study of clinical populations suffering from persistent pain. Dr. Gold is actively involved in the greater pain community most recently working to form the US Association for the Study of Pain.

Select Awards and Honors

1988              Achievement Award for College Scientists
1997              Giannini Foundation Fellowship
2001              Early Career Achievement Award: American Pain Society
2016              F.W.L. Kerr award for Basic Science Research
2020             President of the US Association for the Study of Pain

Professional Activities

2000-2009           Associate Editor for the journal PAIN
2006-2010            Associate Editor, Brain Research
2006-2007            Director at Large, American Pain Society
2007-Present       Editorial Board, Journal of Pain
2008-2012             Faculty1000 in Medicine
2008-2009            Associate Editor for the Journal of Neuroscience
2009-2016            Reviewing Editor, Journal of Neuroscience
2010-2013             Scientific Program Committee, Society for Neuroscience
2012-2018            Member of Council, International Association for the Study of Pain
2015-2017            co-Chair/Chair, Scientific Program Committee of the American Pain Society
2016-2018           Chair, Scientific Program Committee – International Association for the Study of Pain|
2020                       Chair, Scientific Program Committee – US Association for the Study of Pain

In his free time, Michael Gold likes to row, feed his chickens, garden, and cook.